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Advanced Masturbation Tips

June 2nd, 2010 at 6:43 pm

Oil based lubricants.

Normally you see masturbation tips that tell you what to do. This tip is to tell you what to use. The best way to feel complete sexual pleasure and to have the best friction-less glide is to use silicone or oil based lubricants.

Don’t use oils or oil based products that are not formulated specially for sex or masturbation. If you use olive oil to masturbate with, it can get into the tip and may cause infection. The same goes with the ladies, it can easily get inside the vagina and your natural lubrication can’t wash it our so it can cause infection. There are some products that are formulated for masturbation and they are oil based but these oils are sterilized and make for this type of action.

In fact, oil and silicone based lubricant are best for masturbation because they don’t dry into the skin. water based lubricants will absorb and dry out in the same fashion as hand lotion. Oil based lubes don;t absorb and they stay on the skin until you wash them off. These are the best lubricants for masturbation for you to really give yourself the best pleasure.

Other materials that are oil based like butter can be too messy and can cause an infection, so play it safe and get some silicone based lubricants for masturbating with.

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