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June 17th, 2010 at 6:07 pm

Left Handed Myth

There’s an ongoing joke for guys that if you use your left hand then it feels like someone else is masturbating you. You can imagine it’s your girlfriend or some super model.

There is allot of truth behind this, it’s a myth dispelled. The truth is that when you use your non-dominant hand (ie if you write with your right hand then use your left hand) then you can have a different feel while masturbating. Your right hand (assuming you write with that hand) is the mist dexterous, this means that you have the most precision and control with this hand.

When you masturbate, it feels good and you can cum quickly because you do exactly what you need to make your lizard spit it’s juice. When you use your left hand, it’s a little flopper because you have less dexterity and control over this hand. It won’t feel as precise but you can enjoy a sexual fantasy when you imagine that someone else is giving you a hand job. You can use your other hand to pull anal beads.

Left handed masturbation is a good technique if you have a creative mind and a vivid imagination, then you can really immerse yourself into a fantasy, but if your mind is not the creative then stick with the right hand and just get yourself off and continue along with your day.

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