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Advanced Masturbation Tips

June 22nd, 2010 at 3:48 pm

Masturbate to This

One of the best masturbation tips ever is to have some good material to masturbate it to. I don’t need to convince anyone of this. Men and women can both get off from porno. Men think that they are going to have sex with the woman and woman think that they are like the lady in the movie. It makes us sexually aroused in very different ways but the point of the matter is that when you masturbate to porno, it makes it way better, much faster and more satisfying. Eye candy goes a long way. The suggestion for the day is big over the top boobies. It’s just plain fun. You can see clits any day, tits any day, even asses are everywhere. But those big balloon titties are less common. It’s just something different to try so click on that banner and watch the balloon boobies fly and masturbate away to your perfect bliss.

The best is online porn. There is no going to a adult store, there is no leaving your house. You have no late fees, it’s cheap and with the large variety of porn out there, you don’t want to keep and re-watch it anyway. You’ll want to see it once and then go to another site. The variety of clips per porn site is usually way more then you’d get on a single DVD anyway so download porn online.

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