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Advanced Masturbation Tips

June 14th, 2010 at 8:19 pm

Never get caught in the shower.

There are so many funny movie scenes when a parent or girlfriend walks into the bedroom to find the guy masturbation. It’s always a comic scene of panic and disheveled fear. Sometimes there’s a sock involved, sometimes things go really wrong, like in the movie Sex Drive. That has the best getting caught masturbating story I’ve ever seen!

The guy is jerking off in his bed when his brother barges in. Followed by more family members. Then his dad has a big announcement that him and his girlfriend are getting married, which means that the lady will be the kid’s new step mom. The dad says “come here and give your new mom a hug” and then the mom knows what’s going on under the sheets so she says that he should stay put, it’s ok, you con congratulate us later. Of course the bigger brother is a dick so he says “no stand up and get over here and give your dad and new mom hug” and he tries to pull of the blankets and of course everything goes wrong, the kid is totally humiliated and in the end, the used condom ends up flying on the moms head (see in the picture below) it’s a screen shot from the movie.

Is that realistic? Sort of, it’s a little far fetched because it’s from one of the funniest movies of all time about sexuality and young adults, but it could happen to you. There could be a time when your parent or sibling or wife or girlfriend walks into the room when you are pleasuring yourself. How embarrassing that be? In fact many people have that fear in the back of their head so masturbation is not as enjoyable.

When there is big stress over getting caught looming overhead, it makes for a tense moment and you can feel fully satisfied. It’s not like risque sex. When you have sex in a location where you could get caught, there is a certain sense of excitement and danger. Mainly because you have someone with you sharing in the same emotions but when you;re all alone, there is no one to partner with to share the fear, and you end up feeling stupid and alone.

Don’t risk that, have sex in risque places but keep the masturbation to yourself. Never get caught by masturbating in the shower. It’s the safest place because no one will barge in when you are having a shower, and even if they do, they won’t open the shower curtain so you have plenty of time to stop and wash away the evidence. Just make sure that you don’t moan and make noises. When masturbating in the shower, it;’ the easiest clean up in the world, You’re already lubricated from the water, so why not?

Shower masturbation is the best possible place, you can let go into your ultimate sexual fantasy and you don’t have to worry about a sticky clean up later. Also you can get by with water as your lube – although I recommend silicone based lubes as seen in the post below because the water won’t wash it away and it will be way slippery then water so it will feel better. Get the privacy you deserve with masturbating in the shower. No one will ever know but you!

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