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August 26th, 2010 at 6:30 pm

Can you Handle Playboy College Girls?

The cream of the crop for men is the Playboy models. They are so popular, so tasteful that they are mainstream. Sometimes a guy has to leave the raunchy porn stars behind and pick up something a little more classy. Masturbate away all day to the Playboy College Girls. Not only are they selected as the best of the best but they are talented and more beautiful then anywhere else ans they usually like nipple clamps too.

There’s no mascara running here, juts classy gals stripping nude. Part of the appeal of the Playboy girl is that she is almost a taboo, she is too pretty to be nude, usually lonely or ugly girls strip at dance clubs to make money and get attention because they can’t get any in real life so they have to resort to taking off their clothes – not that it’s ab bad thing but sometimes a little class goes a long way.

These girls are so hot that they don’t need to take off anything. They can prance around in their booty shorts and a tank top and it’s almost as arousing as an uglier girl naked. Funny how the male brain works!

When you see these women, it’s a big treat because they’ve already got it made, they are as hot as can be and eager too they are so proud to call themselves a Playboy model, it’s held in high regards. To be known as a stripper is pretty raunchy and most women keep that secret from people but if you’ve been selected to be a college girl Playboy model, it’s so big that you could even put that on your resume and a potential employer would look at it as a benefit, Consider yourselves lucky to be able to see these girls nude. Enjoy the best college girls this country has to offer as they have been selected to be good enough to feature in Playboy.

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